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Grand Brands is a full service, online marketing and branding company. Our company has developed over 20,000 websites and online businesses in the past 15 years. Our group is considered  market makers in “new media” opportunities online. From the choice of a grand business name and branding, to the design and then marketing the start-up,  our team does it all. We manage a large international ad network, as well as hundreds of online businesses in many vertical markets and industries.    
Name Store is a leader in domain name sales and brokerage services managing millions of domain names for clients worldwide. Discount domain registrations, web hosting, premium domain names from our corporate portfolio for sale and global domain brokers.
Url Collection is your business identity and domain name marketplace. Offering websites and domain names for sale, domain brokerage, discount domain name registration and web hosting, as well as domain recovery, brand protection and domain management worldwide.
Source Match online ad network consist of over 20,000 of our corporate owned websites. Delivering text and display advertising inventory throughout the world. Serving tens of millions of visitors and growing every day.
CPi Sites is the parent company of Grand Brands and an online new media company that owns over 20,000 international websites and various online businesses
SourceMatch.com ®, is a registered subsidiary of Construction Publications, Inc.
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